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The FleetFire Story

MaryPicThank you for visiting FleetFire! My name is Mary Schroeder and have always been a dog, cat, and animal in general lover.  I started showing dogs in l970 with my first pedigreed bitch, a Great Dane called Hilda. Since then I have been continually in the sport with 2 other Great Danes, Poodles of all 3  sizes, Lhasa Apso and now the clown of the group,  French Bulldogs.  My kennel name is Fleetfire after my 1st Mini Poodle AndiallensFleetfire, a beautiful red  dog.  As you can tell as I aged,  the dogs have gotten smaller and are much easier to groom.

Along the way, I have met with and talked dogs with some of the greats in the sport  including Herschel Cox , Hildy Compton,  Janice Hampton and have had the pleasure of owning some of the really nice dogs in the country.  I am an ROM breeder of Lhasa Apso and since 1980  have  bred many Frenchie champions and more importantly great, healthy pets.  After all, when a champion is finished,  the dog becomes a family house pet.

Now, although I still breed my kids from time to time, I spend more time mentoring and judging these breeds and others in the non-sporting group.  I became an AKC judge about 10 years ago and I am still learning.  New things continually are being discovered as the DNA of the dog is more fully understood.  The Fleetfire Lhasa Apsos were instrumental in finding the bit of DNA that unlocks the secret of the inheritance of Progressive Renal Atrophy in the breed .


AKC Breeder of Merit

BreederofMeritTagFleet Fire French Bulldogs is an AKC Breeder of Merit. The AKC® is proud to recognize AKC Breeder of Merit participants who are dedicated to breeding beautiful purebred dogs whose appearance, temperament, and ability are true to their breed. These accomplished breeders are the heart of the AKC. For more details on what it means to be a Breeder of Merit, visit

Requirements Met to Earn Breeder of Merit

  1. History of at least 5 years involvement with AKC events.
  2. Earned AKC Conformation, Performance or Companion* event titles on a minimum of 4 dogs from AKC litters they bred/co-bred.
  3. Member of an AKC club.
  4. Certifies that applicable health screens are performed on your breeding stock as recommended by the Parent Club.
  5. Demonstrates a commitment to ensuring 100% of the puppies produced are AKC registered.